Pouring spouts for dishwasher detergents

Traditional dishwasher detergents found on the market typically have some significant limits: liquids are often packaged in bulky, rigid plastic bottles; powders are packaged in bags that aren’t easy to pour; preformed tablets crumble as soon as they get damp.

Find out which spout we recommend for dosing and pouring for Dishwasher detergents

Ad hoc solutions for every type of product

If you manufacture powdered dishwasher detergents, the PAC SPOUT is the solution that guarantees a hermetic seal, while making pouring doses fast and practical. Do you want to offer your customers a fixed dosing system? We’ve a solution for that too: the POUR & DOSE option lets the user pour always the same amount of product. If you manufacture tabs on the other hand, we recommend CLOC SPOUT: a cardboard packet the opening of which can be adapted to any size.

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