Spouts for Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, can be found in almost every home thanks to the versatility of its properties: in fact it’s used for personal hygiene, cleaning the home and cooking.

It usually comes in plastic jars or cardboard packets without a suitable pouring system that, once open, can’t be closed properly again to protect the product from damp.

Find out which spout we recommend for dosing and pouring for Bicarbonate
The results? Wasted product and a lost customer.

Choose a packet your customers can put their trust in, that protects your product. PAC SPOUT guarantees effective opening, measuring and closing even after intensive use. As it’s extremely practical and adds a distinctive touch, it’ll make your product stand out from the crowd on the supermarket shelves.

Cloc Spout
Cloc Spout
Pour and Dose
Pour & Dose

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