Pouring spouts for bath pearls and salts

Bath pearls and salts are often used and kept in damp places, such as on the side of the bath for example. So the packet must be practical and water resistant to protect what’s inside. PAC SPOUT and CLOC SPOUT opening and dosing solutions are exactly what’s needed.

Bath pearls and salts

Our pouring spout is perfectly compatible with special moisture barrier board, which is essential for the packaging of this type of product to create effective packets that can be closed again perfectly to protect the contents from damp. Compared to plastic bags or packets on which the whole top opens, it’s easier to apply a spout on a packet, and cheaper both in terms of production costs as well as logistics and storage.

If your product is pearls, that’s not a problem. CLOC SPOUT is a solution made entirely of cardboard. Visit the specific page for more information or contact us for any questions.

Pour & Dose

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