Products that come into contact with the skin must be packaged in a way that exalts the properties and gives you an idea of the quality of what’s inside. That’s why our pouring solutions are suitable also for body care and household products such as bicarbonate, bath salts and pearls, deodorant powder, talcum and starch.

PAC spout adapts perfectly to every type of packet, including those made of micro-flute used for products with a significant specific gravity. The packet opens and closes perfectly even after intensive use, preserving the properties and stopping damp getting in. It’s compatible with any grain size: the spout is available in many different sizes and will meet the requirements of even the most demanding eco-friendly manufacturer, providing the customer with a packet made entirely of cardboard.

Stop using impractical plastic bags that tear and can’t be closed again properly; avoid frustration and waste for your customers and choose a solution that’ll make your products stand out from the crowd.

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