The most well-known and efficient dosing system for powder and granulated products

PAC Spout is the most well-known and efficient dosing system for powder and granulated products. This much-loved dosing spout is used to open and close all kinds of packaging systems (boxes, cans or bags) perfectly, dosing the product inside, and has been doing so since the 60s.

Product Description Sheet

First designed for dosing salt, the PAC Spout was a revolution in the packaging world, with producers of other products immediately adopting the new system on sugar, rice, cereals, powdered milk, food additives, confectionary decorations, baby food, health food, pet food, as well as washing powders, sanitizing products, gardening products, bicarbonate, anti-scaling additives and more. To mention just a few of the internationally famous brands who’ve paved the way to success: Napisan, Calfort from Reckitt Benckiser, Maizena from Unilever, and Régilait.

Strong and easy to use, PAC Spout closes the package again perfectly, no matter how often it’s used. When pouring, it helps the product flow naturally out of the carton, can or bag, so it can be directed precisely to just where you need it. Thanks to the efficiency of this system, it prevents spills, protects the contents from damp or insects, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and retention.

Unlike Pour & Dose, when using PAC Spout the consumer can easily pour the amount of product they want to meet their needs, dispensing the product for as long as they want.

The spouts are supplied in practical reels, and thanks to the specific machine, are easy to apply on any type of packaging the customer is using: boxes, cans or flexible packaging, without having to change suppliers. Easy to apply on any packaging line.

All the spouts can be customised in terms of material, shape, colour and size. We’ve always used the very best recyclable materials, suitable for foodstuffs and fully certified such as PLASTIC (PET), BIOPLASTIC, ALUMINIUM and PAPERBOARD.
Complementary technical solutions are also available on request, including those used to protect flavour, for hygroscopic products, bag in box, labelling systems and various types of tamper-proof seals.

Why choose PAC SPOUT?

Traditional packaging for powders and granulated products can’t be closed again properly, it starts breaking open after you’ve used it a few times and lets damp and insects contaminate the product.

What’s more, inefficient dosing systems cause annoying spills when pouring the product. Consumers choose packaging with a more functional design, or transfer the product to another more practical recipient that’s stronger, and can be sealed again, throwing the original packaging away immediately after opening it.

TNS Market Research confirms 90% of the consumers interviewed preferred a carton with a PAC Spout. For our customers, the PAC Spout is more than just “packaging”, it’s an integral part of their success and brand identity.

The PAC spout ... Valid, Efficient, Quality.

  • Open, dose and close every kind of box again perfectly in a simple and efficient way.
  • Keeps the product fresh for a long time, protecting it from damp and insects.
  • Prevents spills, lets you keep using the original packaging so the brand remains visible.
  • Innovates the pack, so it stands out from the crowd.
  • Conveys values such as quality, efficiency and customer care.
  • Guarantees the greatest return for a minimum investment.
  • Adapts easily to every kind of box and packaging line.
  • Available with a paperboard spout for mono-material 100% paperboard cartons.

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