Pouring spouts for sugar and sweeteners

Consumers are tired of the same old packaging used for sugar! This product is worthy of better packaging than those old paper bags that are impossible to close again and crumple out of shape, or cartons that are difficult to open and close again.

Sugar and sweeteners

Our PAC SPOUT protects sugar and sweeteners from damp, stopping the formation of lumps, guaranteeing all the product can be used right down to the last granule. It’s compatible with moisture barriers, micro-flute, and can be used with quality seals.

With the POUR & DOSE function, the PAC SPOUT on your packaging can be used to pour a set amount of product, so the consumer doesn’t have to use teaspoons or cubes to calculate how much to use. It doesn’t matter whether you produce white, caster, coarse grain, fine grain, refined, powdered, raw, brown, muscovado or demerara sugar, panela, sucrose, fructose or stevia. What does matter is that you choose the best solution for your product, a TACOM solution!

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