Pouring spouts for litter

Traditional packets of litter and sand for pets such as cats, mice and birds aren’t easy to open and close again: the litter often spills when using it. With impractical packaging, changing the litter can be a complex and unpleasant job, and this has a negative effect on customer satisfaction, so they might not come back for more.


If you want to stand out from the crowd and offer your customers something the competition can’t give them, in combination with a good product, it’s essential to provide excellent service too. Packaging is the main vehicle for doing so.

As well as catching consumers’ attention and providing information on the product, good packaging preserves and protects the contents for a long time. With Tacom pouring systems your litter and sand will be user-friendly: practical, safe, easy to close again, and it won’t spill when poured. All this is possible for a minimal investment.

The quality of the Tacom pouring spout is the result of decades of experience and research into the very best materials. What’s more, the shape, colour and size can be fully customised and they’re easy to insert on a wide variety of packets. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. With Tacom, satisfaction of both manufacturers and consumers, is guaranteed.

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