Companies characterised by high efficiency know how important it is to optimise production by minimizing machine downtime for reel changes.

That’s why Tacom created the External Reel Changer.

  • Simplify reel changing with a practical, cost-effective and reliable accessory.
  • Reduce operator monitoring requirements, as the operator is warned when the reel needs changing.
  • No more packaging filling line downtime, even for quick reel changes.

Versatile solution:

The Tacom External Reel Changer is an innovative, semi-automatic, accessory designed to make reel changes on packaging filling lines faster.

It guarantees continuous production, preventing interruptions and machine downtime. It’s easily accessible, simple to transport, and safe to use.

It extends line autonomy by automatically warning the operator with a signal light when the reel needs changing. Simple and cost-effective, it’s perfectly compatible with our dosing system spout inserting machines, as well as all packaging filling lines.

The External Reel Changer is:

  • Efficient: It optimises reel change times and operator tasks.
  • Accessible: Easy to reach as it’s outside the protective systems on the line.
  • Safe: A blinking alarm warns the operator when the reel needs changing.
  • Transportable: On a wheeled base.

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