Pouring spouts for baby food

Current food safety regulations on packaging that comes into contact with foods, and the increasing needs of parents to protect the health of their children, are exactly the sort of requirements our PAC SPOUT was designed to meet.

UNI EN 15593 certified, our pouring systems are both safe and practical to use.

Find out which spout we recommend for dosing and pouring for Baby food
For a minimal outlay our dosing system can easily be applied to any type of carton, also cartons with an internal bag often used for baby foods. With the TACOM dosing system you won’t have to change your carton supplier and your product will stand out on supermarket shelves to make your baby food easily and quickly recognisable.

We recommend our products for flours and cereals used for baby food, flakes, bran, semolina, small pasta, rice pudding and similar products.

Pour and Dose
Pour & Dose

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