Tacom solutions are ideal for seeds and pulses, rice, flour, starches, breakfast cereals or grains. With these foodstuffs a spout that offers protection against insects is essential, preserving the product in time.

A paperboard packet with a dosing spout is an excellent alternative to classic plastic or paper bags that don’t seal properly once opened, can tear and spill the contents everywhere, and are often a source of great frustration for the consumer. The TACOM spout solves pouring problems for a ridiculously low outlay, guaranteeing a controllable flow and making product wastage a thing of the past.

The PAC spout is compatible with internal bags and numerous types of quality seals, so the consumer knows the product they’re buying hasn’t been opened.

But that’s not all! If you think our spout might be too small for the consistency of your product, we’ve patented another solution: CLOC spout.

This is a pouring spout that’s formed using the same material the carton is made of folded in a particular way, without the need for any additional material. The size of the CLOC spout can be adapted to suit any grain size to give you all the advantages of the PAC spout. Bag-in-box compatible.

There’s no excuse. What are you waiting for, to find out more about our solutions?

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