Pouring systems for breakfast cereals or grains

Packets currently used for breakfast cereals and grains aren’t designed to be practical or easy for consumers.

Plastic bags and paperboard packets are difficult to close again properly once opened, often the bags tear and more often than not you have to pour the contents into another container so the cereals don’t dry out, lose their flavour, or have to be thrown away because they’ve got damp or infested with insects.

Find out which spout we recommend for dosing and pouring for Breakfast cereals or grains

The PAC SPOUT is ideal for cereal grains, as it seals the packet hermetically and keeps the contents fresh; CLOC SPOUT on the other hand is the best solution for large flake breakfast cereals. The opening, the size of which can be adapted to be just right for the consistency of your product, is obtained by folding the same paperboard the carton is made of. A bag-in-box compatible, mono-material solution.

Whether your product is corn flakes, muesli, millet seed, barley, farro, oats, rye, quinoa, buckwheat or couscous, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll find the best, bespoke solution!

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