Pouring spouts

TACOM pouring solutions are designed to pour any kind of granulated or powder product in a controlled way. The easy opening and hermetic closing make the packet easy-to-use and the strong design means that even after continuous and intensive use the packets will still close perfectly, protecting the contents from insects and damp. All of our solutions can easily be integrated in any kind of carton, and are compatible with quality seals.
Efficient, reliable, quality


Available in plastic (PET, PLA), aluminium and paperboard, in a wide range of sizes and colours, PAC spout is 100% recyclable and suitable for foodstuffs. It closes cartons perfectly and when opened it directs the flow of product, preventing spillage and waste. It can be applied to micro-flute cartons with an internal barrier layer and it’s also compatible with packets that have an internal bag.

The eco-friendly packet made entirely of paper


Suitable for larger granulated products in medium-large grain powders and flakes. CLOC Spout is ideal for pouring and controlling generous amounts of product thanks to the wide spout created by the special patented carton-fold design. This pouring system is compatible with “bag-in-box” and flavour-saving systems.

Useful, versatile, ecological


Pour & Dose adds to the numerous advantages of PAC spout with the option of being able to pour exactly the same amount of product every time you use it. Thanks to the built-in dosing flap, the final customer won’t have to use any sort of other dosing system, as it’s already part of the packet.

Elegant, efficient, ecological


This innovative solution, patented by TACOM, is the first paperboard carton of its kind that can be used as a shaker. Thanks to a special hole that can be adjusted to suit the consistency of the product, the spout can be used by the consumer to pour product in a controlled manner just like a salt shaker, making it ideal for use also at the table. It’s an effective solution to the problems posed by the plastic or glass containers currently used, which are bulkier, much more expensive, and difficult to dispose of. The Bispenser is also much more versatile because it can be used with cartons of many different sizes.

Furthermore, a second pouring spout without the shaker function can be added on the opposite side of the packet, so the product can be poured in a more generous way.

Tacom product



Tacom pouring systems improve the consumer’s experience:
  • They make the packet easier to open and close, and the product easier to use.
  • They preserve the product for longer, protecting it from damp and insects.
  • They prevent product spills.


Tacom pouring systems consolidate brand identity:
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • They give the packaging an innovative touch, with better and more practical pouring.
  • Added value and quality

Technical info

Tacom packaging line pouring systems and accessories are practical:
  • They adapt easily to all types of packaging lines and packet.
  • They optimise packaging times and resources

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