Innovative, ecological, mono-material solution with a large spout

CLOC Spout is the innovative ecological, mono-material solution with a large spout built into a paperboard box. It lets you pour larger amounts of product out of a box that’s made entirely of paperboard.

Product Description Sheet

It’s ideal for all powders, fine and course-grain granulated products, where consumers prefer the efficiency of a carton that can be closed again, combined with the practicality of a large opening for dispensing the product. These include: flour, corn flakes, rice, cereals, pasta, baby food, health food, pet food, powdered milk, food additives, confectionary decorations, washing powders or tablets, sanitizing products, anti-scaling additives, gardening products and many more.

The CLOC Spout opens and closes paperboard cartons with a reassuring “Cloc” sound. It keeps the product fresh, protecting it from damp and insects. The wide, shaped opening helps dispense the product in a simple, controlled way. Perfect also for numerous boxed products with bags inside like the “bag in box”, you can cut the bag through the wide opening to easily dispense the product. CLOC Spout closes the box again to keep the product fresh for longer, keeping both the fragrance and the organoleptic qualities intact.

CLOC Spout is a TACOM patent. Unlike the PAC Spout, it doesn’t require any additional component and can be adapted to any box by simply modifying the pre-cut paperboard. It’s shaped using a specific machine installed in line without the need for major modifications, before packaging.

CLOC Spout adapts to a variety of different sized cartons and complementary solutions such as a tamper-proof seal, flavour protection systems, “bag in box” and many more. Like all Tacom solutions, the CLOC Spout is efficient, cost-effective, ecological and can easily be included in any packaging line.

Why choose CLOC SPOUT?

Traditional packaging for powders and granulated products, including the bag in box type or packaging with a built-in paper-transformation spout, often can’t be closed again properly after it’s been opened, it breaks quickly and damp or insects can ruin the product.

What’s more, inefficient dosing systems cause annoying spills when pouring the product. Everyone has had a box of cereal with a bag inside that couldn’t be closed again properly, split when you opened it, and spilt your breakfast over the table.

So, consumers choose packaging with a more functional design, or transfer the product to another more practical recipient that’s stronger and can be sealed again, throwing the original packaging away immediately after opening it.

A solution that’s much appreciated as it’s practical, intuitive and easy to use, strong, hygienic and versatile. With CLOC Spout a minimum investment gives you the maximum return.

The CLOC Spout: Pretty, Practical, Ecological.

  • Open, dose and close every kind of box in a simple and efficient way.
  • Keeps the product protected from damp and insects, also for bag in box products.
  • Prevents spills, lets you keep using the original packaging so the brand remains visible.
  • Innovates the pack, so it stands out from the crowd.
  • Conveys values such as quality, efficiency and customer care.
  • Guarantees the greatest return for a minimum investment.
  • Adapts easily to every kind of carton and packaging line
  • Packaging that’s easily recognisable as being 100% recyclable made entirely of paperboard.

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