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We’ve been collaborating with packaging machine manufacturers for decades. Our solutions represent a service of added value that packaging machine manufacturers can offer potential customers who want to put their product in a class apart in terms of quality and features to offer consumers. Our spout inserting machines are thoroughly tested and can always be incorporated in the packaging line. They guarantee unbeatable reliability and can also be used in environments that have to be kept at low temperatures.

Adding a TACOM inserting machine to your line, as well as the advantage of the spout, helps you in the packaging phase too: thanks to the sensors on the inserting machine in fact, any cartons that haven’t opened correctly are rejected before they reach the carton holders at the packaging line, preventing problematic production stoppages.

TACOM machines adapt to various carton sizes, they can be excluded when necessary, and reach a maximum speed of 400 bpm.

produttori linee tacom


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