Spouts for washing powders

Customers, who are becoming all the more attentive and demanding, appreciate the numerous advantages offered by washing powder packets with a Tacom dosing system. Washing powders can in fact be easier, more effective and practical to use than liquid detergents or tablets.

Washing powders
How so? As they’re more concentrated than liquids, this saves space and the amount required for each wash, so the customer doesn’t have to transport heavy, voluminous plastic bottles. They’re also suitable for mono-material cardboard packaging, which is lighter, more environmentally-friendly, and takes up less room on the shelf.

Our PAC SPOUT on your cardboard packaging protects the contents from damp, preventing the formation of annoying lumps and, thanks to the characteristic spout shape, helps when pouring the product, preventing spills and waste.

Many manufacturers have already chosen our pouring spouts for their packaging. If you too are interested in our products, contact us and we’ll recommend the best solution.

Examples of use

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