Dosing spouts for starches used in skin care

Starches can be used in many ways for skin care. They’re purchased as light powders and applied to the skin as anti-odorants and palliatives, or in water-soluble flakes. Consumers often use them as palliatives and as a preventive treatment.

Starches used in skin care

For all these reasons, the ideal packaging for starches must be easy to close into the pack again, easy to handle, resistant to damp, but also practical to measure out, making it a pleasure to use without any accidental product spills that can be so annoying for consumers.

For years Tacom has been designing and producing dosing and pouring systems of the very highest quality that can be securely closed again, that minimize waste and spills and guarantee the maximum performance for the minimum outlay.

Our solutions adapt to powders and granulated products of various grain sizes used for many different things, including various types of starches used for skin care. PAC SPOUT is recommended for fine grain products, CLOC SPOUT for flakes.

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