Highly advanced set dosing system on paperboard boxes

POUR & DOSE is a highly advanced set dosing system used on paperboard boxes. It consists of a practical dosing spout with a special built-in dosing flap. It pours a pre-set amount of product, with a continuous flow when necessary.

Product Description Sheet

It’s ideal for all those powder and granulated product consumers who want an easy-to-use carton that can be closed again and has a practical set and measured dosing system, for products such as baby food, health food, powdered milk, food additives, but also washing powders and detergents, sanitizing products, anti-scaling additives, sweeteners and many more.

POUR & DOSE opens and closes the box again perfectly even after it’s been opened numerous times, offering excellent protection for the contents from damp or insects. It represents a valid alternative to detergent capsules and additional measuring cups, as you can easily dispense a pre-set amount of product by simply tilting the box forwards 180° before dispensing the product as usual in a measured amount. POUR & DOSE, a measuring and dispensing system, all in one.

The spouts are supplied in practical reels and are applied, before packaging, on the paperboard boxes by a specific TACOM machine installed in the customer’s packaging line.

Our spouts are available in various types of materials, shapes, colours and sizes. We’ve always used the highest quality materials, which must be recyclable, suitable for foodstuffs and fully certified, such as PLASTIC, BIOPLASTIC, ALUMINIUM and PAPERBOARD. Our dosing systems are compatible with all those complementary innovative technical solutions use to protect flavour, hygroscopic products, with labelling systems and various types of tamper-proof seals.

Why choose POUR & DOSE?

Traditional packaging with additional measuring cups for powders and granulated products, requires long and laborious dosing procedures, you have to use both hands and it’s often almost impossible to keep your hands clean.

One popular alternative is pre-dosed products in capsules, but these are bulky and come with a notable cost for the environment, which is no longer sustainable today.

POUR & DOSE is a valid alternative for all those laborious, not very hygienic, systems with which you have to use an additional measuring cup getting your hands dirty, and the product can be difficult to reach when the box isn’t full. Innovative also when compared to products in capsules, offering fast and practical dispensing, and what’s more, just like our recent BISPENSER, solution, also offering alternative packaging that keeps pace with modern times, for considerable eco-friendly advantages.

POUR & DOSE ... Useful, Intelligent, Quality.

  • Open, dose and close every kind of box in a simple and efficient way.
  • Keeps the product fresh for a long time, protecting it from damp and insects.
  • Prevents spills, lets you keep using the original packaging so the brand remains visible.
  • Innovates the pack, so it stands out from the crowd.
  • Conveys values such as quality, efficiency and customer care.
  • Guarantees the greatest return for a minimum investment.
  • Adapts easily to every kind of box and packaging line.
  • Available with a paperboard spout for mono-material 100% paperboard cartons.

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Production of Packaging Lines for Cardboard Cases

For over 30 years, Tacom has proudly partnered with Betti Macchine, a leader in the production of custom packaging machinery for boxing both food and non-food products in cardboard cases.

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