We’ve seen numerous companies, including multinationals, that suffered notable production losses because they were using out-of-date and inefficient carton feeders.

The suction cups on old carton feeders often don’t load boxes properly into the carton holders. An operator must always monitor the system to adjust the pressure and make sure the carton feeder is working as it should. What’s more, traditional carton feeders can’t be adjusted or adapted to different box sizes as they’re designed to feed just one size.

This means the company has to make choices dictated by this one machine, or make extra investments that could easily be avoided. We developed the Tacom Carton Feeder to solve these problems.

  • Replace your old carton feeder with one that’s lighter, stronger, more versatile, offering higher performance.
  • Reload the carton feeder less often, saving time, giving operators more time for other tasks.
  • Drastically reduce the number of boxes wasted during the line insertion process.
  • Optimise size-change times.

Versatile solution:

The Tacom Carton Feeder is a versatile, reliable and cost-effective solution for optimising box insertion in your packaging filling line. It has a practical frame made of anodised aluminium section, and has been a great success as it increases productivity and gives operators more time to do other jobs.

A specific sensor guarantees maximum efficiency, outstanding autonomy and correct feed pressure. There’s a notable reduction in the number of times it needs loading, and our customers are particularly enthusiastic about the reliability of the system and the fact it can be adapted to different numbers of boxes, and a variety of box sizes.

Our Carton Feeder is:

  • Reliable: A specific sensor guarantees the correct pressure and insertion of every box.
  • Versatile: It easily adapts to a wide range of packaging filling lines and box sizes.
  • Autonomous: Autonomous function controlled by a digital timer that regulates the box feeding rhythm.
  • Resistant: Made of materials resistant to aggressive and corrosive agents.
  • Adaptable: Solid but lightweight construction, it can easily be transported and adapted to different sizes.

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