The first valid “green” alternative to traditional plastic or glass shakers

BISPENSER is the new dosing system for the table made entirely of paperboard with a special integrated shaker. Elegant, efficient, ecological. It represents the first valid “green” alternative to traditional plastic or glass shakers for salt and spices.

Product Description Sheet

It’s ideal for all seasonings such as salt, sugar, herbs, additives and spices, that need to be closed and sealed again perfectly, measured out or dispensed in abundant amounts.

The spout helps the grains flow naturally out of the box and the side flaps prevent spills. Bispenser lets you adjust the dispensing hole to suit the grain size of any product, optimising the flow to make BISPENSER the most practical, valid and efficient shaker on the market.

The spouts are supplied in practical reels and are easily applied by a specific TACOM machine. BISPENSER can be applied on its own for table dispensing only, or with the classic PAC Spout on the opposite side of the carton, for products you might need more of when cooking.

The spouts are made of water-repellent paperboard certified by several bodies, which, like the CLOC Spout, means you’ll be using mono-material 100% paperboard cartons. All the spouts can be customised in terms of shape, colour and size. Spouts made of PLASTIC, BIOPLASTIC and ALUMINIUM are also available on request, or for complementary solutions to protect flavour, for hygroscopic products, labelling systems and various types of tamper-proof seals. We’ve always used the very best, fully certified recyclable materials, suitable for foodstuffs.

Why choose BISPENSER?

Traditional “shakers” made of plastic or glass currently being used have numerous disadvantages: As well as the significant environmental impact, the only way to get the product out is by upending them to shake it through small holes that can easily get blocked. The holes may also be just one fixed size, which obviously won’t be ideal for products in different grain sizes, with one single curved outer surface offering limited space to provide information and promote the brand.

Furthermore, from a technical point of view, in logistical terms they are extremely inefficient to transport and store: preformed packaging with a circular base occupies a lot of space even when empty, and certainly doesn’t optimise the use of available space.

BISPENSER, the first real alternative to traditional shakers. A huge innovation in technical terms, as well as for logistics, promotion and communication, and above all for the environment. Market research done by Karin Steffen for the Salinity Group produced extremely positive feedback for Bispenser, both “on the shelf” and during the dispensing test.

BISPENSER... Elegant, Efficient, Ecological.

  • A Technical and Environmentally-friendly solution. Our latest spout with a special adjustable hole can be applied to any kind of product and carton, optimizing the flow and at long last creating the first efficient shaker for “table-sized” dispensing made entirely of paperboard.
  • Logistics and the Environment. Boxes have a square base and can be transported ‘flat’ before being filled, optimising resources and storage while reducing logistics’ requirements by a factor of 10, at least. Bispenser is also an effective way to halve costs compared to plastic jars.
  • Marketing and Communication. Convey the idea of quality and customer care. Four flat surfaces give you a lot more space with much more potential for sending an effective message to your customers. It prevents spills, and lets you keep using the original packaging so the brand remains visible.
  • Practical to use. the product flow is constant, so there’s no need to shake the carton up and down. What’s more, the hole doesn’t get dirty or blocked, even after the carton has been used several times.

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