Pouring spouts for health food

Health food includes a wide variety of foods with a high nutritional value such as food and dietary supplements, wheat seed, barley malt, oats, protein, beer yeast, currants and raisins, dried fruit, linseed, aniseed, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, fennel, cumin, Chia and hemp seeds, to name but a few.

Health food

This category is particularly subject to infestation from insects. A test done by a long-standing customer shows the TACOM pouring spout is the only solution available on the market that can preserve the product, preventing contamination on supermarket shelves and in kitchen cupboards.

Our pouring spouts are compatible with packets that have an internal bag, and you won’t have to change your carton supplier. You’ll obtain the maximum performance for the minimum outlay.

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