Dosing systems and pouring spouts for salt

PAC SPOUT is a solution many salt brands all over the world have been using successfully for years.

Salt producers prefer our spout because it makes it easy to open and close the packet, and pour or shake just the right amount of salt.

Find out which spout we recommend for dosing and pouring for Salt
This solution protects the salt from moisture, it’s easy to insert on paperboard cartons (also made of micro-flute) and it’s compatible with quality seals.

TACOM has also patented an innovative system called BISPENSER, which has two different pouring systems. There’s a PAC SPOUT on each side of the carton so one can be used if you need a generous flow while the other gives you a more controlled amount similar to that of a traditional salt shaker.

Compared to traditional plastic jars, the compact design and regular shape of the BISPENSER optimises storage both during production and transportation, as well as in the kitchen cupboard.

Make your product immediately recognisable, with a touch of class. Choose our packaging solutions!

Cloc Spout
Cloc Spout
Pour and Dose
Pour & Dose

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