From Cost to Investment: Tacom Dispensing Spouts Raise the Value of Sugar Packaging

The modern market demands solutions that are not only eco-sustainable but also economically advantageous. Tacom has embraced this challenge, offering its cardboard dispensing spouts as an innovative response that translates into a tangible increase in marginality for sugar producers.

The Box That's Worth More
Consider a sugar box: an everyday item, often overlooked in terms of design and functionality. Tacom has transformed this simple box into a product of value. If a normal cardboard box costs "X", the addition of a Tacom dispensing spout not only makes it more useful and desirable but also allows it to be sold at a higher price, with an increase of "Y". This not only enhances the consumer experience but also increases the product's marginality.

Market Feedback and Insights
Consumers have shown a preference and willingness to pay more for innovative packaging that offers convenience and sustainability. The feedback collected has highlighted a clear trend: the end user is inclined to choose solutions that do not require transferring the product from one container to another, preferring boxes with our spouts that keep the product safe and easy to use.

Towards Sustainable Marginality
At Tacom, we believe that sustainability should go hand in hand with profitability. Our approach to sugar packaging demonstrates how innovation can lead to increased margins without sacrificing environmental commitment. The Tacom spout box thus becomes a symbol of a future where ecology and economy merge for the success of producers and the satisfaction of consumers.

Do you want to discover how Tacom's packaging solutions can increase the marginality of your products and meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions? Contact Tacom today for expert advice and to start transforming your packaging into a real business asset.

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