The carton feeder is a carton magazine that can be built-into any packaging line. It adapts to a wide range of cartons sizes and has a digital timer; the timer can be used to set the carton feeding rhythm and a sensor guarantees the carton is always in the right position, so neither too much nor too little pressure is put on the cartons.

What’s it for?

The Carton Feeder replaces magazines with a limited carton capacity, it saves time during carton size changes and prevents wastage if feeding isn’t optimal.

The anodised aluminium frame is both strong and lightweight. It can be adapted to any packaging line as both the length and height are adjustable.
Carton feeder; fully adaptable to packaging lines.
Carton feeder with sensor and digital timer.
Flexible, lightweight carton feeder.


The ERC is an optional unit TACOM recommends using with the inserting machine, so you don't have to stop the line for even the short time required to change the spout reel.

Positioned in the most practical place for the operator, outside the line protection systems, it’s easy to move as the base has wheels.
External Reel Changer that automatically changes packaging line reels.


Tacom can offer its clientele packaging lines taken out of service. These lines are checked, overhauled and covered by warranty. Contact us for the latest offers.
Second hand packaging lines, overhauled and refurbished, covered by warranty.

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