Quality Policy

For TACOM, adopting the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and the UNI EN 15593:2008 on hygiene in the production of packaging for foodstuffs represents a powerful strategy to:

Understand the context in which the company operates, in order to meet the expectations of external and internal stakeholders, also by adopting instruments for strategic planning and SWOT analysis.

Maintain an active risk assessment system (risk based thinking) to plan and integrate actions in company processes in order to increase positive effects and prevent and also reduce any negative effects (Opportunities – Risks).

Comply with applicable mandatory requirements in force in relation to the services provided and the products manufactured.

Meet customers’ needs and expectations from the planning stage to the mass production stage. Continuously and regularly guarantee the compliance and safety of our products also by implementing the food packaging safety and hygiene system, in accordance with UNI EN 15593:2008.

Guarantee the highest service standards, reproducibility – repeatability of the processes, capitalizing on experience gained to increase customer satisfaction.

Guarantee company profit to reinvest in the development of know-how, product innovation, and the technological evolution of production resources and processes. Use infrastructures and production plants that guarantee safe, healthy working conditions, environmental sustainability, the hygiene and safety of products suitable for foodstuffs, and the relevant operating procedures

Involve suppliers in the continuous improvement of the management system.

Encourage the professional growth of collaborators, develop skills, awareness, organisational know-how, while at the same time guaranteeing appropriate qualification so both the structure and human resources are always ready to meet requirements and cater for the changes dictated by the market in pursuit of company goals. Encourage a culture of quality throughout the company.

Guarantee ethical values are observed in company activities, in compliance with national and international agreements (Code of conduct).

In order to guarantee progression, continuous improvement, and to make sure management systems continue to create value, the company sets itself Strategic Goals and the relevant Quality Objectives for all activities, departments and collaborators.

Adopting a Quality Management System, in line with the company’s typical distinctive features, continuous technological evolution, quality, product safety, and using processes – products with a low environmental impact, without a doubt lays solid foundations for initiatives taken to further sustainable development, initiatives decisive for the company’s image and therefore also its position on the market.

The General Manager
Franscesco Riva

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