Goodbye Sugar Cubes and Complicated Systems: Tacom Offers Practicality and Sustainability in the Sweet World

Innovation in the packaging and dispensing of powdered and granular products has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of Tacom's "Pour and Dose," a solution poised to revolutionize daily sugar consumption and similar products.

Product Description
"Pour and Dose" combines the convenience of a resealable package with the accuracy of fixed and measured dispensing. The system features a practical spout dispenser with an integrated measuring device, allowing for the dispensing of a predefined quantity of product, while also offering the possibility of a more prolonged flow when needed.

Ideal for Everyday Life
This system is perfect not only for sugar but also for a wide range of products such as baby foods, health foods, powdered milk, food additives, and even detergents and sanitizers. Its versatility makes it an indispensable companion in any modern kitchen.

Functionality and Applications
"Pour and Dose" is designed to be user-friendly and customizable to client needs, offering an efficient alternative to traditional dispensing methods that often require the use of both hands and are messy and unhygienic.

Why Choose Pour and Dose?
While sugar cubes and pre-dosed capsule products have dominated the market for years, they have proven to be less practical and sustainable in the long term. Capsule products, in particular, have a significant environmental impact due to bulky packaging and recycling difficulties. In contrast, Tacom's "Pour and Dose" presents an eco-friendly solution that reduces mess, increases hygiene, and improves product accessibility.

Innovation and Sustainability
With "Pour and Dose," Tacom takes a step towards a future where innovation is not just about convenience but also ecological responsibility. This solution aligns perfectly with Tacom's mission to provide packaging that improves margins without compromising its commitment to sustainability and tuning in to the trend of phasing out mono-doses.

Are you interested in combining practicality and environmental responsibility in your sugar product or other granular products? Learn more about Tacom's "Pour and Dose" and how it can benefit your business. Contact us for detailed information and to start making a difference in your industry. 

Contact us to begin your transformation towards the packaging of the future.

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