Social responsibility

TACOM vision statement

To represent a point of reference in the packaging machine and pouring/dosing system sector.

In order to fulfil its mission, TACOM is committed to managing its activities with integrity in a totally transparent way, to create the best possible economic value on the basis of our principles and clearly defined best practices, which are our guidelines every day in the work we do and in our long-term plans. TACOM does everything reasonably possible to contribute to the well-being and sustainable development of the community

TACOM abides by the rule of the law:
TACOM upholds and promotes Human Rights, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the eight fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization. TACOM makes sure its activities are performed in full observance of the national laws and environmental regulations of all the countries the company operates in.

Code of Ethics of the Supply Chain:
TACOM firmly believes in doing business with trustworthy, innovative suppliers who provide services of the very highest quality, to build solid, honest and mutually advantageous long-term business relations. In order to protect the company’s reputation and create reciprocal trust, TACOM is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all of its activities. Our suppliers play an important role, helping us meet our obligations in terms of corporate civil liability. We choose to work with ethical suppliers, acknowledged as such in accordance with the standards of both the industry and the counties we operate in. What’s more, our suppliers must uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, observe national laws, International Labour Organization standards and local environmental regulations.
TACOM employees must abide by the law and behave appropriately at all times, especially when assessing suppliers. Incentives, gifts or compensation of any kind cannot be accepted and must not be offered under any circumstances. Observance of these regulations is guaranteed as all persons concerned must sign the declaration of compliance with our corporate civil liability policy, which requires suppliers immediately inform the company if such a case should arise.

The Environment and the Community:
TACOM is committed to operating in an environmentally friendly way and abides by all local environmental protection regulations, adopting appropriate strategies at all times to reach and maintain a satisfactory level of environmental protection. TACOM actively promotes socially useful activities.

Implementation, Responsibility and Monitoring
TACOM is committed to doing everything in its power to guarantee the continuous implementation and application of the principles and values defined in this document to find effective remedies for any shortcoming as quickly as possible and keep said principles up-to-date as follows:

  • By giving the General Manager full responsibility for the implementation of our corporate civil liability process;
  • By informing and implementing our corporate civil liability policy with employees, partners, and other stakeholders;
  • By making sure employees read and understand the corporate civil liability policy, and can ask questions and receive any explanations they require;
  • By making the corporate civil liability policy part of our company’s Code of Conduct, which all employees are required to sign after having read and fully understood the terms;
  • By reviewing and evaluating the liability policy every year to make sure it remains effective, relevant and in line with applicable legal requirements and government policies, amending the policy when necessary;
  • By monitoring observance of civil liability, which first and foremost includes monitoring our activities, and more;
  • By making sure any civil liability violations are investigated and appropriate action is taken, in accordance with TACOM’s management process. If TACOM learns of a significant violation of applicable law, the company will take appropriate steps, which may include ending business relations with the party concerned and informing the authorities with jurisdiction over the case.

Code of conduct

The specific principles - requirements in this code of conduct apply to everyone in the company.

Forced labour
No form of forced labour is permitted - tolerated.

Child labour
No form of child labour is permitted - tolerated. No one who hasn’t reached school-leaving age or is under the age of 15 can be considered eligible for employment. Workers under 18 years of age cannot do hazardous jobs. Working hours must be limited in the case of night shifts and in order to meet educational requirements.

Employees must not and cannot be subjected to corporal punishment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse, or be otherwise abused in any way.

Salaries, also for overtime and services, must be equal to or higher than those required by applicable law and regulations.

Working hours
Company employees must not, on a regular basis, be required to work longer working hours than those in a standard working week (including limits to overtime) with temporary exceptions to meet extraordinary company requirements. Workers have the right to at least one day off every seven days, with temporary exceptions to meet extraordinary company requirements.

All decisions taken concerning employees must be taken strictly on the basis of their abilities and qualifications, including but not limited to decisions taken on hiring, promotion, remuneration, benefits, training and dismissal.

Health and Safety
The company must provide and maintain a healthy and safe work environment in order to prevent accidents and injury

Freedom of association and collective bargaining
The company and employer must acknowledge and observe the legal right of workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

The company must comply with the applicable environmental laws and standards in force, and guarantee it uses environmentally friendly practices in all of its operating units.

The General Manager
Franscesco Riva

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